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"High Signal is definitely accurate! Really enjoyed the call. Highly recommend it to founders seeking feedback and accountability."

Being a solo founder is lonely.

Join our community of revenue-generating founders.

Stay accountable, learn, hit your critical milestones and have fun at the same time!

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At present our calls are good for people in the Europe, Africa, Asia and Pacific timezones. Register your interest if you are from America though.

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What do I get?

Join a Telegram group of revenue-verified entrepreneurs

The group is tightly moderated to avoid spammers

Join weekly calls with other members so you can stay accountable with other friendly founders

Or just chat in Telegram - it's up to you

An online community that feels like a house party, not a city

How is this different from other founder groups?

  • No link dumping after doing the "adding value" template

  • Build relationships, not an audience

  • Privacy means you can share your problems openly

  • Talk to fellow experts

What people are saying

Our values

  • Friendly, not aggressive

  • Respectful to one another

  • Treat people the way they want to be treated - if you don't know them well, err on the side of caution

  • An abundance mindset - there's enough success for everyone

  • Share what you know so others can grow

Some of our members

  • Andrew Kamphey - Pigeon + Better Sheets

  • Lachlan Kirkwood - Building with Bubble

  • Kyle Byers - Growth Badger

  • Yaro Bagriy - ex- Newsletter Crew + now Playgroup

Thank You!

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